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IRB Member and Staff Resources

Welcome to the Phronetik Office of Human Studies Research! Below is a list of references, in order of priority, which will help you be successful in your new position. You will likely need to refer to these materials regularly as you gain a deeper understanding of the ethical principles, guidelines and procedures used for human research protection at Phronetik.

Online Training Certifications


The Belmont Report

The Belmont Report outlines and describes the three primary principles and guidelines to be addressed during the ethical conduct of human research. As these principles and their applications are the foundation of the work we do in this office and on the IRBs, it is very important that all of us working with human research be very familiar with this document. Information about these principles is included in the CITI training.


Phronetik Office of Human Studies Research (OHSR)

The OHSR provides contact information for the staff, information about the OHSR, policies, guidance and forms, links to other useful resources and information for prospective research subjects. IRB staff must know, and IRB members are encouraged to know how to navigate and refer to the information on this site. See especially:

  • Links to the OHSR web-based IRB submission and review program.

  • OHSR Guidance, Procedures and Policies links to information used in both screening and reviewing applications and in responding to investigator inquires. Staff will use this information to prepare correspondence conveying the IRB decisions.

  • For and About IRB Members on the OHSR home page includes this section which provides meeting calendars, copies of the checklists used for IRB reviews, and other information targeted to members.

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