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Office of Human Studies Research

The Office of Human Studies Research (OHSR) is the administrative arm of the Phronetik Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). The OHSR in partnership with the research community is responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of participants in Human Research Projects conducted under the aegis of Phronetik. The OHSR, which is a Division within the Office of Research Administration, provides Phronetik and its Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) with professional guidance and administrative support.

Welcome to the Office of Human Studies Research

The Mission of the OHSR

To provide a full circle of protection for research participants and researchers by:

  • Promoting and facilitating the protection of rights and welfare of human research participants,

  • Helping ensure compliance with federal regulations, state laws and Phronetik policies as well as national standards for research involving human research participants, and

  • Providing timely high-quality education, review and monitoring for human research projects.

Test Tubes

Single IRB

The single IRB (sIRB) mandate is an NIH policy that requires certain types of NIH-supported studies involving multiple sites where each site will conduct the same protocol involving non-exempt human subjects research to use a single IRB to accomplish IRB review and approval for all domestic participating sites.

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