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Conflicts of interest and how to manage them

Conflicts of interest occur when a researcher’s personal financial interests overlap or conflict with that person’s research.

These conflicts—whether real or perceived—can undermine the integrity of Phronetik research and sponsored programs.

However, some conflicts of interest cannot be entirely avoided. Often, conflicts of interest can be effectively resolved or managed.

When to disclose financial interests

Disclose financial interests each year, or as soon as possible whenever interests change.

Disclosing financial interests

Anyone responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research or sponsored projects at Phronetik—including principal investigators, project directors, consultants, students, non-paid volunteers, and others—must complete an annual research-related conflict of interest disclosure form each year, or as soon as possible whenever interests change or new interests occur.

Significant financial interests

Financial interests are defined as anything of monetary value, whether or not the value is readily available. Financial interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Salary and commissions

  • Consulting fees

  • Royalties

  • Business ownership

  • Capital gains

  • Intellectual property rights

For a full list of what constitutes a financial interest, and details on exceptions that may apply, review the Phronetik Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research policy.

Request to see conflict information

Certain financial conflict information is public record and is available by request. You may also review how actual or potential conflicts are managed.

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