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Conducting Research at Phronetik

Phronetik conducts research in an ethical, compliant manner while promoting diversity and inclusion in scientific research and clinical applications.

Dr. Tania M. Martin-Mercado, MS, MPH

 Chief Scientist

Dr. Tania welcomes you to the Phronetik Office for Research. She and her trusted staff direct the research for the organization. Dr. Tania oversees the Research Portfolio and associated resources among the Divisions and Centers at Phronetik. This administrative support includes several compliance-related expertise as well as management of laboratory safety, research IT, core capabilities, and interdisciplinary studies that attract scientific talent and investment across Phronetik.


Latest Research

How Implicit Bias Affect AI in Healthcare

Implicit bias is a natural survival instinct inherent in human
beings. However, when implicit bias is not addressed in a
healthcare setting, health disparities, gaps in care, and
discriminiation can occur in a clinical setting.

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